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Quicker method for cooking dry beans

Dried beans are inexpensive and easy to cook. Many people see the soaking and sometimes 2 day process, as a hassle. I don't blame them. This weekend I wanted to cook some pinto beans I had for a taco dinner. I didn't plan ahead, so I decided to try the quick soak method I had read about. It worked great. It's still requires a few hours of cooking but no special equipment.
2.5 cups dried beans
8 cups of water (final cook)
1 onion or 2-3 Mexican onions chopped 2-4 garlic cloves (whole)
1 dried chili pepper (optional)

Power soak
1. Wash the beans and remove any small stones.
2. Place beans in a pot and fill with water about 2-3 inches above the beans.
3. Bring to a boil and continue to boil for 3 minutes.
4. Turn off heat, cover with a lid and let sit undisturbed​ for 1 hour.
1. Coarsely chop onion.
2. Preheat large Dutch oven or cast iron bean pot on medium heat.
3. Add onions and dry saute covering with lid in between stirring. This traps the steam that…