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Quicker method for cooking dry beans

(image courtesy of Bush Beans ) Dried beans are inexpensive and easy to cook. Many people see the soaking and sometimes 2 day process, as a hassle. I don't blame them. This weekend I wanted to cook some pinto beans I had for a taco dinner. I didn't plan ahead, so I decided to try the quick soak method I had read about. It worked great. It's still requires a few hours of cooking but no special equipment. Ingredients 2.5 cups dried beans 8 cups of water (final cook) 1 onion or 2-3 Mexican onions chopped 2-4 garlic cloves (whole) 1 dried chili pepper (optional) Mexican onions. These are sold seasonally in many grocery stores as "spring onions". I can buy these year round in Mexican grocery stores. I used about 6 of these little Tepin chiles  Power soak 1. Wash the beans and remove any small stones. 2. Place beans in a pot and fill with water about 2-3 inches above the beans. 3. Bring to a boil and continue to boil for 3 minutes