My latest go to quick breakfast

I don't have time for elaborate breakfasts most days. I often find myself at a coffee shop grabbing an oatmeal which is ok, but the portions are very small and they don't ever taste as good as I want them to. The real problem with the coffee shop oatmeal is that I don't feel satiated until lunch. I need a full tummy or at least something that has a enough bulk to make me feel full without consuming 1200 calories! I've also learned that foods that digest slower seem to help me feel full for longer. (side note: for more on calorie density and satiety click over here.)

So what's my answer?

Slow digestion/protein-beans

Some days I have precooked potatoes on hand. Usually I roast a 3 lb bag on Sunday to have for the week. In that case I pick three potatoes, mash them with a fork and dump some beans on top and warm in the microwave. Of course I must season to my taste with various toppings.

What type of potatoes?

Lately the waxier potatoes. Gold or red. Russets work fine too I have just been on a red potato kick these days.

What about the beans?

Literally whatever you like or have on hand. Black, pinto, kidney, great northern canellini, black-eyed peas, baked beans, ranchero beans, etc. I try to avoid pre-seasoned beans because they usually have oil and a lot of salt in them but in a pinch I will use them if that is all I have on hand.

If I don't have any precooked potatoes I just cook them in the microwave. Takes about 6-8 minutes.

Then my favorite part...the toppings.

I usually use my frontier garlic and herb seasoned by, smoke paprika, crushed chipotle flakes, and hot sauce. Casa Eksouzian sriracha, rooster sauce, the amazing vinegar based Puerto Rican hot sauce from Sol Food.

Sometimes I eat this in the car out of a Tupperware and sometimes I get to sit with my kids to eat.

Either way it's a great way to start the day, takes very little time, and fuels me for the morning without ingesting 1200 calories.


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