veggie burger basics

Every time I make veggie burgers and bring them to work somebody asks for the recipe. I usually try to tell them cause its super easy and if they need a reference check my blog. Inevitably I explain that the version on the blog is a kinda of extra salty super revved up version that has some extraneous and unnecessary in ingredients. If you haven't read this post you should...I guess.

Long  story short here is the basic recipe for all to love and share. I must admit of course that the guy who taught me this is Jeff Novick super funny dietitian that works with all the healthy vegan doctors so I am not trying to take credit for this recipe. I didn't invent it. I just made it them a million times. In fact if you like the recipe and want to watch him make them on a DVD and learn all the variations (not to mention super easy to make steak fries) buy this DVD.

Ok so much for the long story....

Basic Veggie Burgers

2 cans of beans 
1 cup of cooked rice
1 cup of rolled oats
4 tablespoons of tomato based liquid
a few teaspoons or shakes of your favorite dry seasonings/spices

1. mash the beans thoroughly 
2. add all the other ingredients
3. form patties and put on a plate or cookie sheet or anything else flat like a donna summer record, or a Tupperware. If no lid to your flat thing cover with some plastic wrap.
4. Place the burger platter in the fridge and let them set up for at least 20 minutes, for best results overnight.
5. heat a non-stick skillet over medium high heat, covered for 3-4 minutes or so on each side until sufficiently browned and warmed through. 

That's it. Now for the variations.

Beans-black, white, pinto, garbanzo, kidney, whatever. Ok smart ass no green beans or dried beans. Jeff always said that one can had to be kidney. I think the kidneys are really great and I used to preach the doctrine of kidney inclusion but the other night I had a can of these Ranchero beans (pinto beans with southwestern-y spices) and black beans so I just threw ALL CAUTION TO THE WIND and made them anyway. God I hope Jeff isn't reading this! Guess what...Worked just fine. No change to texture or crumble factor. I do thing kidneys may be more starchy and that helps hold it all together...not really sure. I think a larger factor in setting up right is the liquid interacting with the oats. But I digress....

Rice-Any rice works but I always use brown. If you can make it on the stickier side then HALLELUJAH! I usually just have precooked rice in the fridge and i use a cup of that.

Oats-Regular rolled oats. no subs here. Nothing to see...move along. Ok I guess you could use quick oats but I don't so try to stick with the plan here I means you can make these things like 5000 different ways . Don't fuck around with the oats!

Tomato liquid-Ketchup, BBQ sauce, pureed tomato, salsa, marinara get the idea.

Spices-Ok too many to list but.....chili powder, garlic, onion, curry, Mexican seasonings, Italian seasonings, oregano, medicinal marijuana, you know whatever you like to spice up your life!

So that is it. Use what you like and spice it up to taste great to you. I never add salt because usually the tomato product or at the very least the condiments that I use have plenty of salt in them already. 

So these burgers are great on a bun or not. The ezekiel sprouted english muffins make a great bun as well as the one bun. Once on a flight to Detroit I made a large batch and brought them on the plane. I got stuck on a connecting flight with Moby. He is vegan and I should have offered him some while we sat for hours on the tarmac. I didn't. Not because I am insensitive or anything. I just love my burgers and sometimes I ain't sharing. Not even for Moby. 

I hope you make many burgers and eat them all.



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