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veggie burger basics

Every time I make veggie burgers and bring them to work somebody asks for the recipe. I usually try to tell them cause its super easy and if they need a reference check my blog. Inevitably I explain that the version on the blog is a kinda of extra salty super revved up version that has some extraneous and unnecessary in ingredients. If you haven't read this post you should...I guess. Long  story short here is the basic recipe for all to love and share. I must admit of course that the guy who taught me this is Jeff Novick super funny dietitian that works with all the healthy vegan doctors so I am not trying to take credit for this recipe. I didn't invent it. I just made it them a million times. In fact if you like the recipe and want to watch him make them on a DVD and learn all the variations (not to mention super easy to make steak fries) buy this DVD . Ok so much for the long story.... Basic Veggie Burgers 2 cans of beans  1 cup of cooked rice 1 cup of rolled