i'm not bullet proof and the degustation of kales and hot chiles

So I haven't written anything here in like forever. Honestly the last 6-8 months I have been getting less and less strict about what I eat. I can't call myself vegan anymore. Even if that is how I have eaten 80-90% of the time lately. I also hadn't limited the fat intake as much and let my exercise routine go to shit. I haven't been sleeping much and I have been dancing and having a lot of "fun".

I started to get this nagging mild nausea this summer and it was really starting to bug me. I decided it was time to spot check my blood sugar and low and behold its skyrocketed back to my diabetic levels.

This really bummed me out....

I had also gained some wight back. I didn't care about that so much. But I care about my blood. I started to get that anxious feeling of worrying about your health that was all too familiar for me.

I guess after 2 years of having reversed my diabetes and maintaining 60-70 pound weight loss I was starting to feel bullet proof.

Sadly I am not.

After feeling sorry for myself for about a week I have decided enough is enough.

I am back to testing my blood before and after every meal, when I wake up and when I go to bed. I keep trying to kick start my workouts and that has only been moderately successful.

I did however go back to eating the way I had been for two years. The good news is that after two days of eating like this my blood sugar is coming down.

I am not using the terms 'eating clean' or 'vegan' or referring to my recent diet as 'cheating' or 'back sliding'.

At this point  feel like I know what foods are good for my blood and what aren't. That means. plants. and that's it. It also means keeping my fat calories under 20% and not cooking with oil or animals. I don't know why but eating eggs and even lean animal proteins are just no working for me.

I am not bummed about this and I certainly don't have all the answers. I only know what is working for me and waht is not. I also know that judging myself about what I am eating or how much I am exercising stresses me out and leads me to an unhealthy place.

I am not going to make any big blanket statements or feel bad for where I am at. Its food, I am human, and I am paying attention. I know that moving my body by bike riding and lifting weights and doing yoga makes me feel good mentally and physically.

That being said I made some yummy food tonight I thought I would share it with you.

the Kale and chiles were home grown. :)

Polenta with spicy greens miso and tomato sauce

1 tube of pre cooked plain polenta sliced into rounds

4 brown mushrooms sliced
2 Anaheim chiles sliced
2 cups of broccoli florets
1/2 onion sliced
1 habanero chile sliced
1 can of kidney beans
5 cloves of garlic diced

marinara sauce

5-6 TB miso glaze
1/4 cup mirin
1/4 cup seasoned rice wine vinegar

in one non stick pan I brown the polenta rounds for about 3-4 minutes each side

meanwhile in a non stick wok I add the chiles, garlic, and mushrooms. Hit it with the miso glaze. ( i used Miso Easy but you could reconstitute some miso paste and water into a thick glaze)

stir fry a bit. ad some water or wine or broth if its too thick.

add reaming veggies, more miso and some vingar and mirin. Lower heat and cover to steam cook. After a few minutes I take the lid off and cook down the liquid to a saucy consistency.

heat up marinara.


Happy eating. Hope to see you around the blog more often.



  1. Benjamin thank Goodness you are back! I was starting to worry. I can tell you I have been where you are - in fact I am there now too - being human means we just gotta keep on keepin on and getting back on the horse (so to speak) every time we fall off. Thanks for posting. I am not great at managing all this stuff myself, but it makes me feel better knowing I am not alone so hopefully it makes a difference to you too.

    1. It does. Thanks for asking and speaking up. :)

  2. At least you listened to the warning signals and got back on track. I am struggling with eating vegan and low fat when at my daughters house and I am not moving around enough. Gotta get outside and get moving.

  3. Hi there, I'm Lindsey! I have a question regarding your blog. Could you please email me when you have a moment? Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing from you!



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