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Sweet Potato Homefries

I am absolutely convinced that this is one of those dishes that If you don't tell people that it is good for them (vegan, no added oils, etc.) that everyone will love it. In fact I am pretty sure that this is what Remulus Dreypa eats every day for strength and complete nutrition. This dish isn't just for breakfast. It could be the base for a bunch of quick meals. You could eat it over rice, polenta/grits, or my new favorite starch base couscous. It doesn't require any oil or additional liquid if you have a good heavy bottomed non-stick pan. Ingredients- Dice these: 2 large sweet potatoes 1/2 onion 1 red bell pepper 1 carrot 4 cloves of garlic 1 cup of frozen corn kernels 1 (28oz) can of fire roasted diced tomatoes (liquid drained off) 1 (15oz) can of kidney or black beans (rinsed) 1 Tablespoon of chili powder (I really like the Whole Foods 365 Chili Val de Sol blend) 1/2 Tablespoon of cumin Black pepper to taste Possible garnishes- Ketchup hot sauc