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Smoky Sweet Potato Miso Soup

It's finally somewhat cold in Northern California. I just ordered a 1/4 cord of wood. Yeah, burnin-stuff-cold. For reference the last 1/4 cord I bought lasted almost 3 years. Global warming! Yeah! That means it's soup season. I came across a vegan smoky sweet potato soup recipe and through necessity and my desire to keep refined oils out of my food I made some adjustments. I didn't have enough veggie broth on hand so I decided to use some miso broth instead. The basic method of the recipe is to oven roast some sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, and garlic and then add to broth, puree a bit before the final seasonings. Instead of oil I made a simple miso glaze and used that to coat the veggies before raosting. I also decided that chipotle in adobo sauce was a tastier option than liquid smoke. I was right. Liquid smoke is pretty concentrated stuff so if you do use it be very careful not to over do it. Generally speaking I will use it in 1/8 tsp. quantities. Hope you g