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No-Stir Steel Cut Oats

I'm just gonna say it. You've been had. Bamboozled, tricked, lied to, and deceived. What I am I talking about? How laborious it is to make steel-cut oats. If you want them to have that great texture there are no short cuts. Right?  There is the overnight/crock pot methods but I found them to be over cooked and mushy. You might as well just make rolled oats if the texture is lost in the cooking process. Most recipes for steel-cut oats seem so labor-intensive. I mean who wants to stir their breakfast for 30 minutes? Well I am here to tell you that you don't have to. In fact you don't have to stir at all. This recipe is simple and super tasty. It requires very little work and I would argue that it can be done any day of the week. It does still take 30-40 minutes to make but you walk away after the first 5 minutes until its done. While there is almost no nutritional difference (half gram of fat less in the steel-cut) between steel cut oats and rolled oats there is