Can you eat real food for one month? Of course you can!

I am super excited to have stumbled across this challenge on FB today. The basic premise is to not eat any foods that you could not reasonably recreate in your own kitchen for one month. I guess the main reason it spoke to me is I have been trying to identify where convenience foods are creeping into my diet. For me its stuff like pretzel/snack mixes, weird beverages trying not to be soft drinks (but they really are), or protein isolate foods (beyond meat, protein shakes, fake deli meats, etc.)

The reason I am concerned about these foods specifically is that the mindless snacking that I do is generally with foods like these. I usually don't mindlessly snack on steamed collard greens and brown rice while I am driving home from work. :) I generally eat very healthy meals when I cook. Its those in between times that seem to get me into trouble.

I recently saw the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and got really inspired by the story. If you haven't seen it the movie follows an obese guy with an auto-immune disease. He goes on a 60 day juice fast and loses a ton of weight and just abpout reverses the disease. The really inspiring part is about a second man who happens to have the same type of disease but is an extremely obese truck driver. Maybe one of the last people on earth that you would think would be interested in going on a juice fast. Being the impulsive type that I am I went out that night and bought a juicer. The next day I started a 5 day juice fast. It was a truly amazing experience for me! It really taught me a lot about my eating habits. It took about 2.5 days before I really lost my appetite altogether. The "hooks" where no longer in me when it came to food seduction. What I mean by this is even when I was serving my kids some vegan pizza and tater tots the smell of the food had zero appeal to me. Remember this is after not eating any food for almost 3 days. The day before almost any food smell was driving me bonkers.

At any rate I have discovered that I really like how I feel when I am drinking my greens and start the day off with some hot lemon water and a ginger carrot apple rather than coffee. To be completely frank I get high on the green juice. My head gets a warm fuzzy feeling and my skin around my forehead often times is tingling. Its great! I am essentially incorporating my juicing into my regular eating habits. The bulk of the liquid is cutting down on how much cooked food I am eating but I am not sacrificing satiety at all. Additionally I lost 10 pounds and so far have kept them off and according to some coworkers my skin is now glowing! OK...if you guys say so.

If you are interested in the juicing fast at all check the Reboot logo below. Below that is a link to take you to the October Unprocessed challenge. Last but not least I added an email subscription to the blog above and to the right. Enter your email and you will get a blast whenever I write a new entry...which is not that often so I promise not to fill up your inbox!

To your health!


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October Unprocessed 2012

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