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Sneaky Snacks and Indian Cauliflower Stew

PART ONE-SNEAKY SNACKS I have this theory that if you cook your kids healthy food and you give them no other options they will eat the food. Call me crazy but as the adult in charge (at this stage of their lives) they don't have a lot of choices on what to eat. We  do that on purpose. Limit choices. Like between stuff that's good for them and stuff that is great for them. Its not to say that they won't get ice cream and cake on their birthdays, but the other 364 days a year they eat pretty damn well. They really don't have much choice. We don't force feed them. If they are not interested in eating what is prepared for them then they don't eat until the next meal is served. No snacks, no juice. Just the food we prepare. My wife is out of town for a week so I am solo parenting (with some M-F daytime help from our live-in child-therapist-Reiki-practitioner-miracle worker Michelle who we trade room and board for 15 hrs a week of her services). I decided

Can you eat real food for one month? Of course you can!

I am super excited to have stumbled across this challenge on FB today. The basic premise is to not eat any foods that you could not reasonably recreate in your own kitchen for one month. I guess the main reason it spoke to me is I have been trying to identify where convenience foods are creeping into my diet. For me its stuff like pretzel/snack mixes, weird beverages trying not to be soft drinks (but they really are), or protein isolate foods (beyond meat, protein shakes, fake deli meats, etc.) The reason I am concerned about these foods specifically is that the mindless snacking that I do is generally with foods like these. I usually don't mindlessly snack on steamed collard greens and brown rice while I am driving home from work. :) I generally eat very healthy meals when I cook. Its those in between times that seem to get me into trouble. I recently saw the movie  Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and got really inspired by the story. If you haven't seen it the movie follows a

Oil-Free Baked Falafel and Tahini sauce

double batch pictured above My first real falafel experience was growing up in San Jose, Ca. I went to a performing arts magnet in high school for a few years to develop my inner DIVA on stage. My friends and I would often leave campus at lunchtime and hit one of the best falafel joints in the WORLD! The Falafel's Drive-In. It still rocks to this day. They still serve the same "special" everyday. A large Falafel sandwich and a banana milkshake. Fast forward to today and I can live without the milkshake but not the falafel! Of course traditional falafel is deep-fried in oil which is not how I like to get my eat on these days. When my love of falafel met head on with my desire to cook oil-free many would cringe with sad mushy balls that you may remember from college dorm cooking with dry powdered falafel mixes from the bulk bin of the Arcata Co-op.  Well homey don't play that!  The resulting recipe is delicious and much lower in calo