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Protein shake vs. Breakfast tacos

These tacos taste better and are ultimately much more satisfying than a protein shake I recently added the grueling workout of boot camp to my usual weekly regimen (cycling, weight lifting , running, yoga, and misc. gym cardio). I really enjoy it a lot because in 45min-1 hr have pushed my muscles including my heart much further and harder than I would on my own.  I will admit having been coerced into football in high school for a period of time, I had some awful memories of running bleachers while being berated by my coach. Then I reminded myself, self-you aren't in high school, he's not yelling at you he is encouraging you, and you WANT to be here right?  After this amazingly brutal workout my muscles are taxed. They say you should eat protein about 45 minutes after lifting or working your muscles hard so that the tissues can build more muscles right? Many people love the post work out protein shake for this very reason. I like eating personally much more than I