How to make perfectly browned home fries with no oil

Potatoes. You know I love em. For the last year I have relied on the hash brown to get me going in the morning. It dawned on me today that I have been neglecting what used to be my favorite way to eat potatoes for breakfast. The home fries version. I suppose my recipe here will be a bit contradictory since nothing will be technically "fried" as I don't use any oil.

Just like the hash brown recipe this one is close to impossible without a good non stick pan.

I stand by my Le Crueset non-stick pan. It has an Eco-friendly coating which means you can preheat it without gassing your food. It also has a heavy bottom so it cooks evenly and has virtually no hot spots.

3-4 medium sized Potatoes
1/2 Bell pepper diced
1/2 onion diced
3-4 cloves of garlic minced
A sprig of fresh rosemary coarsely chopped
A shake or two of Turmeric
A shake or two of Chili powder

First you will dice your potatoes about a 1/2 inch thick.
Put them in the non-stick pan and just about cover them with water but not quite all the way.

Cook on medium heat until boiling. Cover and lower heat cooking for about 6-7 minutes or until just under done. Usually this means that they are at least 3/4 of the way opaque but still hang into a fork when you pick one up.
not the best photo but you want the potatoes to be translucent about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through. Or just under done.

Drain and set aside.

Add onions and peppers to hot pan and add the lid. Let them start to brown without stirring for about a minute at high heat. The lid traps moisture and this helps with sticking.
After about a minute start to stir. When you don't use oil you need to develop a deliberate scrapping and turning method. Cook with some confidence here. It will really help. If you just kind of push things around gingerly they may stick and you don't want that. After about 3 minutes of browsing the onions and peppers add the partially cooked potatoes along worn the garlic, rosemary, and spices.
Stir until well combined then let sit I disturbed for about 4 minutes on low heat.

After 3 minutes deliberately and somewhat carefully start to turn the potatoes as evenly as you can. Once they are turned let them brown for bother 3 minutes undisturbed. The trick for the browning is that you can't constantly stir them. They need to stay in contact with the pan to develop some color and for the sugars in the potatoes to caramelize from the heat.

Repeat this until the potatoes are as browned as you like them. If they are drying out to much and are  starting to stick keep the lid on.

Taste them. If they are not fully cooked lower the heat and add the lid for a few minutes.

Serve as you like them. For me that mans hot sauce and ketchup or some really good fresh salsa. :)

For the latest on eating potatoes for health make sure you read Dr. McDougall's latest book The Starch Solution. It might not change you life....but it changed mine. Just sayin'. :)



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