My life story in 6 minutes

I was given the opportunity to speak to 800 Whole Foods Team members over the course of 2 days a few weeks ago.

I was asked to present my personal journey to health in 6 minutes!

I had to revise a talk I usually give in 45 minutes.

This was not easy.

I was pretty nervous as I have never spoke to such a large audience before.

I really enjoyed it and got a standing ovation at the end which was honestly a little overwhelming.

At the end of the day many people told me that they were inspired by the talk which in turn really gets me excited and re-energized.

I hope you enjoy it. Try not to make fun of my nervous speaking style. :)

on the big stage at the Herbst Pavillion, Fort Mason, San Francisco, Ca



  1. Awesome job Benjamin! I wasn't able to see your presentation and am glad to be able to see it here.

  2. Wow. That was fantastic. And you did not seem nervous at all. What an inspiration you are for me. Thank you.

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  4. Very cool. You are an inspiration!

  5. fan-freking-tastic. Related: Have you seen, 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?' If so, I'd recommend a viewing (you can stream it on Netflix).


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