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My life story in 6 minutes

I was given the opportunity to speak to 800 Whole Foods Team members over the course of 2 days a few weeks ago. I was asked to present my personal journey to health in 6 minutes! I had to revise a talk I usually give in 45 minutes. This was not easy. I was pretty nervous as I have never spoke to such a large audience before. I really enjoyed it and got a standing ovation at the end which was honestly a little overwhelming. At the end of the day many people told me that they were inspired by the talk which in turn really gets me excited and re-energized. I hope you enjoy it. Try not to make fun of my nervous speaking style. :) on the big stage at the Herbst Pavillion, Fort Mason, San Francisco, Ca  


A co-worker of mine, KD asked me if we cold start cooking together for lunch once a week. She wants to start eating a bit healthier but like a lot of folks is not super into cooking. Never has been, probably never will be.  Unlike me the idea of just throwing something together is somewhat foreign to her. She asked me to help her put together quick meals that don't involve a long list of ingredients or a recipe. Most days this is how I cook. Throwing together meals is not all that hard assuming you have some food in the house. Cooking healthy meals is no different it just means have the right kinds of foods in the house and some pre-planning. One "trick" to make sure you can throw a meal together in under 20 minutes is to have some staples that require longer cooking times precooked and ready to heat and eat. Like.. -cooked grains (rice, quinoa, faro, wild rice, or some mixture) -cooked or canned beans -rounds of pre-cooked polenta Or quick cooking bases f

Burnt Potatoes and the art of eating healthy while travelling

black nasty burnt taters I am in Dallas, Texas at a convention for my day job. My first breakfast I ate moderately burned hash browns, un-spiced oatmeal, and some whole grain toast for breakfast. I needed some serious fuel that day as I was to walk the gauntlet of food retail vendors at the Dallas convention center for 5+ hours. (Side note: conventions can be good exercise. My coworker Suzy had on her pedometer and she clocked over 7 miles by the end of the day!) I don't normally tell the world wide web about my embarrassing fails of cooking but my hope is that I never burn potatoes in a hotel room again and that I might inspire you to consider the option of cooking for yourself even while out of town on business or vacation. Generally speaking when I have traveled for work or vacations over the last year I have always reserved a hotel or a house that has a kitchen. Most of the time the simple residence inn type places are very comparably priced to a standard hote