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DISCLAIMER-NO RECIPE! SORRY! As you know I am pretty enamored with potatoes. Hell, that's putting it pretty mildly! I love them! I have eaten white potatoes 4-5 times a week every week for the last year and have completely  reversed  diabetes in the process. For those of you with some interest in potatoes and the ability to read more than a paragraph in one sitting (ummm sometimes I can't so don't feel bad, guess its all the video games over  the  years) I would like to share a wonderfully in depth article by registered  dietitian  and funny man  Jeff Novick  on potatoes and their correlation with Type 2 Diabetes.  Enjoy and to your health! -benjamin (FOR THE ORIGINAL POST COMPLETE WITH COMMENTS CLICK HERE TO BE REDIRECTED TO FACEBOOK) Potatoes & Diabetes: Dietary Trends & Truths About Taters Jeff Novick, MS, RD Are potatoes dangerous?  Do potatoes cause diabetes? You might think so if you followed the headlines, as in 2006, the media was full of reports m