One super easy way to eat a healthy meal

Some days you want to eat stuff that is good for you but time is not on your side. I try to have a few things on hand in my fridge for just this reason.

On Sundays I cook up 4 cups of whole grain in the rice cooker.

  • Brown Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Barley
  • Brown Rice/Wild Rice mix
  • Farro
When you have these whole grains cooked is easy to quickly cook up your yellow, red, and green vegetables to top them for a tasty quick meal. 

To really make your meal count and give yo long-lasting energy and satiety. To me the long-lasting effect of feeling full is the key to successfully eating healthy. When you are satisfied for hours you are less likely to make poor eating decisions.

If you really want to make a truly filling meal add in some cooked beans or potatoes. How easy is it to have canned beans on hand?

My favorite quick starch lately is sweet potato. When I say quick... you say Microwave! Its really easy. Scrub the outside of the potato under water. Poke holes all around the potato with a fork and pop it in for 4-5 minutes. I usually check halfway through and turn the potato over.

Today's lunch was one of these simple healthy meals.
It started out with a bed of quinoa with half of a sweet potato sliced. On top of that I placed some steamed kale and broccoli with a bit of soy sauce and sriracha. Delicious, filling, super healthy!

To your health!



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