The CEO of my company is comng for a visit and I have been askedto make my crazy potato dish for a breakfast we are putting on for him. He is, like me, into the no-oil vegan diet. I was trying to decide what combo of potato-hash thingy to make and it dawned on me that with the right combo and some warm sprouted corn tortillas, salsa, and hot sauce the potato dish would make some KICK-ASS BREAKFAST TACOS!


1 bag frozen hashbrown potatoes
1 can of salt-free black beans, drained and rinsed
1 cup of mixed frozen onions and bell peppers (I use the Whole Foods 365 southwest blend)
1 cup of frozen chopped okra
1 cup of frozen chopped kale
1 cup of frozen yellow corn
3-4 tbls of 365 Chili Powder Valle de Sol (accept no substitutions!)
1 tbls of onion powder
1 tbls of garlic powder
1 pkg of Food For Life Sprouted Corn Tortillas warmed
Some good quality salsa
taco sauce or sriracha (optional)

So I mix all the frozen veggies and the beans together in a mixing bowl, add the spices and cook in a covered large non-stick skillet for 7-8 minutes on medium-low heat. I flip using the plate technique.

Then cook for another 4-5 minutes.

 a few of you guys have expressed some frustration with the flipping. Don't be timid. You gotta flip with some confidence. Don't be afraid to spill a little or that it does not all come off the pan perfectly.If some sticks...THAT'S OK! Just scrape it off the pan and add it back to the rest of the potatoes.

A word about frozen veggies-I find that while the flavor is not always as good as fresh the cooking is more even with this dish if everything is frozen. Frozen veggies are already cooked so you are really just browning and heating through. If you are using fresh onions and peppers it can't hurt to saute them a bit on their own and then add them to the mix.

After you cook the potaoes just fold the mix into the tortillas and top with salsa, hot sauce, ketchup whatever floats your boat. Some fresh jalapeno, avocado, or olive slices would be nice too. Just remember the last two items are high in fat so try to show some restraint. If your like me that can be difficult!

To your health!



  1. Hey Ben, Thanks so VERY much for coming out tonight and sharing your story with our group. It was so inspiring! I was thrilled when you mentioned that you were writing a blog: my family and I recently switched over from a processed Vegetarian diet to the WFPB diet. We've been scouring the web for easy recipe ideas, health videos, and general motivation. Thank you THANK you THANK YOU for the extra inspiration and meal ideas. Warmest, Andrea K

  2. Absolutely. Tonight was great. I get really fired up talking about the power of change. Your enthusiasm motivates me to continue sharing. Have fun cooking! :)

  3. Awesome. Inspiration is a virus!
    By the way, my family and I started a blog last week, to help inspire one another to live the WFPS lifestyle. After your lecture, I posted a little bio about you so they could read your story and check out your blog. Here's a link to the post. Thanks for sharing your story!
    Warmest, Andrea

  4. This sounds fabulous! Do you know off-hand how many this recipe will serve?

    1. It makes a lot of filling. I would guess depending on how big you make your tacos 8-12 tacos.


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