Cooking Healthy Food Takes Way Too Much Time, Right?

Feeling good after the scale told me I have lost 70 pounds since March! 
One of the most frequent questions I get from people when I tell them about my healthy eating lifestyle that I have adopted is, "doesn't it take a lot of time to cook all that good food?"

 My answer? No. 

Not in perspective to other things I used to spend my time on. 
You know what takes a lot of time to do? 
Checking your blood sugars 5-6 times a day. 
Going to the lab to draw blood every 3 months. 
Good to the doctor for your diabetes check up every 3 months. 
Trying to find ANY cool looking clothes that you can afford in a size XXXL/XXXXL. 
Going to the drug store for over the counter medicine to stop persistent heartburn, constipation, or diarrhea.  Going to the endocrinologist. 
Going to the pharmacy every month to buy your expensive prescription drugs.
Organizing all your pills in a way that you don't for get to take one of them.

I don't do any of these things anymore. 

Some other things I don't do anymore which were sucking my time and perhaps more importantly my energy physically as well as psychically-
being anxious
worrying, or stressing about my health.  
Being in pain. Back pain, stomach pain, foot pain, knee pain, ankle pain. There are all kinds of pain associated with my obesity  and inactivity. 
Not to mention mental pain. Low self esteem, low self confidence, feeling like an outsider, a wallflower you name it. 

Cooking healthy food and making it a priority in your life is not effortless. It takes some work, planning, commitment, and dedication. I wake up early and sometimes stay up late to do it right. My wife and I spend  part of our Sunday cooking for the week ahead. We make large batches of soup or roast veggies. We make a large batch of rice that will last at least until Thursday. 

I like to look at cooking for health as an investment. A time investment. I am investing a little time away every day so that I will have the quality of life that I deserve. Barring getting hit by a bus I will hopefully live a long life and get to experience all the trappings of old age with disease and debilitation. I will make that investment now because I don't want to WASTE my time listening to a doctor tell me that I need to take this drug or that drug or subject myself to some invasive procedure that I have weigh all of the side affects against the possible outcome.

I am making this investment not just for me. But for my wife, my son, and my daughter. 

Besides... growing old gracefully looks like a lot of fun to me. 

I can't wait to be the cranky old vegan complaining about the lack of fat free vegan dressings at the salad bar of my local grocery store. You know I will.....I do it today, and I ain't getting any younger.

To your health.



  1. Well said. Just shared this on Facebook and G+. As radical as a plant-based diet seems to some, it's nothing compared to invasive treatment for heart disease/diabetes/high blood pressure/etc. that could have been prevented.

  2. Thanks Natalie. Its amazing what people are willing to put up with. Thanks for sharing.


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